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Creating Mass Orders, Backorders, Invoices, or Credits

If you need to create a large number of orders, invoices, credits, or backorders then you can use the utility program UTCREATE_MASS_ORDERS and save yourself loads of time. Here’s how: From the main CODIS menu, 10/50/270, run the run program.  … Continue reading

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Exporting a transaction set from EDI Complete to a text file.

Go to ‘View EDI data’ Find the transaction set you want to export ‘Mark’ the transaction set. Click on the ‘Marked transaction set operations’ box Select ‘Mark’ Click on ‘Map 1 marked T-set’ Click the ‘yes’ box on the confirmation … Continue reading

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Restricting a Ship-via by Customer

You can restrict a customer to specific ship-via codes if that customer does not accept shipments from certain carriers. Here’s how: If a particular ship-via code is to ONLY be available to specific customers then the ship-via codes record must … Continue reading

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How do I add a sales type code for use in the Product File Editor

Items in your product file can be associated with a “sales type” code (at the item level) that can be used in sales analysis.  This proves useful in that the sales type code can be completely independent of a manufacturer … Continue reading

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New Product File Record Flag

We’ve added a new flag to the product file record to indicate that an item is “oversize”.  Typically, an item is considered oversize by a package carrier when certain dimensions exceed a specific value.  For example, the designation for a … Continue reading

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Physical Inventory Program Change

We’ve modified the Physical Inventory program to validate item numbers coming from an external file. click on image for larger view The reference “Selected <2> external items” indicates there were 2 GOOD item numbers in the external file that were … Continue reading

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