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New Product File Flag

A new flag has been added to the product file to prevent the automatic release on a current order of shippable backorder for the flagged part number.  This flag can prevent release of an item such as a whole goods … Continue reading

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New Persona Access Feature

Customers accessing CODIS via Persona often perform a “Product Stock Inquiry” at their front counter in clear view of their customer.  By default, the list price and your customer’s cost are displayed on the inquiry screen.  Displaying “cost” while the … Continue reading

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Inventory conversion ticket

There are certain parts that you may buy in bulk that you would like to breakdown into smaller quantities for resale.  This conversion can be done using a conversion ticket with a special order type.  For example, you may purchase … Continue reading

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Freight Terms Override for Past Due Customers

If you have a freight policy that provides incentives for customers when certain conditions are met BUT do not want to extend the same incentives if a customer’s account is past due then you can define an override freight terms … Continue reading

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Promo Codes and Override Order Types

You can automatically establish an override order type when a specific promo code is used on an order.  Here’s how to associate the override order type when defining a promo code. click on image for larger view Add a promo … Continue reading

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Backorder Processing Codes ‘explained’

The backorder processing code is set in the customer record and determines how backorders will be processed/released for the account.  Below is the list of available backorder processing codes. Codes 1, 8, and 0 “bo-rel or new order only” mean … Continue reading

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Separate Delinquent Customer Statements

You can separate statements of delinquent customers at month end rather than have the statements go via the normal delivery method (regular print file, email, fax).  Placing the statements in a separate print file with the file name containing “ALL_DELINQ” … Continue reading

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