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Adding a Child Warehouse

This is a checklist for adding a new CHILD warehouse to an existing environment. A child warehouse is one assumed to be directly affiliated with an existing PARENT warehouse. Although the child warehouse’s inventory will be visible as a separate … Continue reading

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Persona Users View of Supersedure Information

When a “Persona” user inquires on the availability of an item in Product Stock Inquiry and that item has been superseded then the user may or may not be able to see all supersedure information.  For example – the user … Continue reading

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Flagging a Part – Superseded, Synonymed, Substituted, NLA, etc.

The screen appearance and function of flagging an item as superseded, synonymed, substituted, NLA, etc. has changed. The new process was necessary to provide a standard that will also be incorporated into the new receiving module that is forthcoming. Here’s … Continue reading

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