Special Ticket Printer ID

You may want to print all pick tickets for a specific customer to a ‘special’ ticket printer.  Special ticket printers can be setup to use a particular source tray that’s loaded with colored paper.  Use of colored paper can help to visually identify orders that require special handling or the like.  Use the Customer File Maintenance program, screen #5, line #16 to identify the special ticket printer.

click on image for larger view

The special ticket printer id in the screen shot is PRIORITY.

click on image for larger view

This corresponds to a warehouse printer codes record with a printer id of PRIORITY (field #3 of the WP codes record).  The screen shot above shows a ticket printer for warehouse 2 with an id of PRIORITY.  If you have multiple warehouses and want the specific customers pick tickets to always go to the special ticket printer when shipping from alternate warehouses then you must make sure a ticket printer exists for each warehouse with an id of PRIORITY.

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