Flagging a Part – Superseded, Synonymed, Substituted, NLA, etc.

The screen appearance and function of flagging an item as superseded, synonymed, substituted, NLA, etc. has changed. The new process was necessary to provide a standard that will also be incorporated into the new receiving module that is forthcoming.

Here’s an example of the screen.

The top portion of the work area displays the flag functions you can perform.

Select the item flag function you want to perform.

When you’ve select the flag function you want to perform the top portion of the work area displays the history of your session. In the example below, we’ve just superseded BS,27355 to BS,27355S.

Type a period or backslash to display the flag functions menu and perform another flag function.

In the following example, we’ve just added a special message (flag function #5) for BS,399671.

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